Sire Cardigan Women
Sire Cardigan Women
Ivanhoe of Sweden

Sire Cardigan Women

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A beautiful, folklore-inspired cardigan (the Taylor references are heavy...) in a beautiful pattern knitted in 100% wool. The Sire Cardigan by Ivanhoe has 6 buttons at the front that are made of recycled polyester which is then clad in real wood. The whole pattern image of course goes around the whole garment. 
Buttons: recycled polyester upholstered in real wood

Bluesign®-certified yarn, Mulesing-free wool
100% Wool

The recipe for success in caring for a wool sweater and keeping it nice is to air, air and air again. Remove dirt and stains immediately when they occur and then it is best to hang the sweater outdoors on a hanger. It is only an advantage if the weather is a bit humid outside. The wool repels dirt and breaks down bacteria and is thus self-cleaning and odorless. When you notice that the garment has not been cleaned after a good airing, it may still be time to wash, then carefully follow the care advice that you find in the side seam.